Recent Publications:

A.L. McGaughey, P. Karandikar, M. Gupta, and A.E. Childress, Hydrophobicity versus pore size: polymer coatings to improve membrane wetting resistance for membrane distillationACS Applied Polymer Materials (2020).

X. Wei, Z.M. Binger, A. Achilli, K.T. Sanders, and A.E. Childress, A modeling framework to evaluate blending of seawater and treated wastewater streams for synergistic desalination and potable reuseWater Research 170 (2020): 115282

R.D. Gustafson, A.L. McGaughey, W. Ding, S.C. McVety, and A.E. Childress, Morphological changes and creep recovery behavior of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes used for membrane distillationJournal of Membrane Science 584 (2019): 236-245.

S.L. Plata and A.E. Childress, Limiting power density in pressure-retarded osmosis: Observation and implicationsDesalination 467 (2019): 51-56.

C.P. Morrow and A.E. Childress, Evidence, Determination, and Implications of Membrane-Independent Limiting Flux in Forward Osmosis Systems, Environmental Science & Technology 53.8 (2019): 4380-4388.

R.D. Gustafson, S.R. Hiibel, and A.E. Childress, Membrane distillation driven by intermittent and variable-temperature waste heat: System arrangements for water production and heat storage, Desalination 448 (2018): 49-59.

C.P. Morrow, N.M. Furtaw, J.R. Murphy, A. Achilli, E.A. Marchand, S.R. Hiibel, and A.E. Childress. “Integrating an aerobic/anoxic osmotic membrane bioreactor with membrane distillation for potable reuse.” Desalination 432 (2018): 46-54.

C.P. Morrow., A.L. McGaughey, S.R. Hiibel, and A.E. Childress. “Submerged or sidestream? The influence of module configuration on fouling and salinity in osmotic membrane bioreactors.” Journal of Membrane Science 548 (2018): 583-592.

McGaughey, A.L., R.D. Gustafson, and A.E. Childress. “Effect of long-term operation on membrane surface characteristics and performance in membrane distillation.” Journal of Membrane Science 543 (2017): 143-150.

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