Recent Publications:

R. D. Gustafson, A. L. McGaughey, W. Ding, S. C. McVety, and A. E. Childress, Morphological changes and creep recovery behavior of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes used for membrane distillationJournal of Membrane Science 584 (2019): 236-245.

S. L. Plata and A. E. Childress, Limiting power density in pressure-retarded osmosis: Observation and implicationsDesalination 467 (2019): 51-56.

C. P. Morrow and A. E. Childress, Evidence, Determination, and Implications of Membrane-Independent Limiting Flux in Forward Osmosis Systems, Environmental Science & Technology (2019).

R. D. Gustafson, S. R. Hiibel, and A. E. Childress, Membrane distillation driven by intermittent and variable-temperature waste heat: System arrangements for water production and heat storage, Desalination 448 (2018): 49-59.

C. P. Morrow, N. M. Furtaw, J. R. Murphy, A. Achilli, E. A. Marchand, S. R. Hiibel, and A. E. Childress. “Integrating an aerobic/anoxic osmotic membrane bioreactor with membrane distillation for potable reuse.” Desalination 432 (2018): 46-54.

C. P. Morrow., A. L. McGaughey, S. R. Hiibel, and A. E. Childress. “Submerged or sidestream? The influence of module configuration on fouling and salinity in osmotic membrane bioreactors.” Journal of Membrane Science 548 (2018): 583-592.

McGaughey, A. L., R. D. Gustafson, and A. E. Childress. “Effect of long-term operation on membrane surface characteristics and performance in membrane distillation.” Journal of Membrane Science 543 (2017): 143-150.

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