Allyson McGaughey

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Ph.D. Candidate
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Research interests:
Allyson’s research currently focuses on understanding of the role of membrane surface and internal properties on performance in membrane distillation, especially for high water recovery treatment applications and for novel membrane materials. She also works on characterization of membranes and fouling layers for other emerging separation processes, including reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, osmotic membrane bioreactors for direct potable reuse, and pressure-retarded osmosis for energy production from waste streams. Allyson is also a PADI-certified master diver and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and playing the cello.

M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) (May 2017)
B.S. Chemical Engineering, music minor, University of Washington (Seattle, WA) (July 2014)

Honors & Awards:
2020                            USC WiSE Merit Award
2019                            USC WiSE Merit Award
2018                            USC CEE Outstanding Research Assistant Award
2018                            AMTA-ADC Fellowship
2015 – 2018                USC Viterbi School of Engineering Ph.D. Merit Fellowship
2017                            USC Dean’s 4.0 List
2011 – 2014                University of Washington Dean’s List

Peer-reviewed journal publications:

McGaughey, A.L., Karandikar, P., Gupta, M., Childress, A.E., “Hydrophobicity versus pore size: polymer coatings to improve membrane wetting resistance for membrane distillation.” ACS Applied Polymer Materials. March 2020.

Gustafson, R.D., McGaughey, A.L., Ding, W., McVety, S.C., Childress, A.E., “Morphological changes and creep recovery behavior of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes used for membrane distillation.” Journal of Membrane Science. August 2019.

Morrow, C.P., McGaughey, A.L., Hiibel, S.R., Childress, A.E. “Submerged or sidestream? The influence of module configuration on fouling and salinity in osmotic membrane bioreactors.Journal of Membrane Science. February 2018.

McGaughey, A.L., Gustafson, R.D., Childress, A.E. “Effect of long-term operation on membrane surface characteristics and performance in membrane distillation.”Journal of Membrane Science. December 2017.