Alumni – Ph.D.

Ryan D. Gustafson, Ph.D

Graduated: 2019
Assistant Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer
Dissertation: Thermally Driven Water Treatment with Membrane Distillation: Membrane Performance, Waste Heat Integration, and Cooling Analysis
IMG_2169 (3)Christopher P. Morrow, Ph.D
Graduated: 2018
Sr. Process Engineer, Memcor Division,
Evoqua Water Technologies

Wastewater Reclamation and Potable Reuse with Novel Processes: Membrane Performance and System Integration
Guiying Rao, Ph.D
Graduated: 2014
Postdoctoral Research Associate,
University of South Carolina

Direct-Contact Membrane Distillation: Simplified Flux Prediction, Mass Transfer Mechanisms, and Membrane Cleaning

Andrea AchilliAndrea Achilli, Ph.D
Graduated: 2008
Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,
University of Arizona

Dissertation: Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes for Water Reuse and Energy Recovery

SuárezFrancisco Suarez, Ph.D
Graduated: 2010
Professor of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering,
Pontificia Catholic University of Chile

Dissertation: Salt-Gradient Solar Ponds for Renewable Energy, Desalination and Reclamation of Terminal Lakes

Tzahi Cath
Tzahi Y. Cath, Ph.D
Graduated: 2003
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Colorado School of Mines

Dissertation: Membrane Contactor Processes for Seawater Desalination and Wastewater Reclamation

Jon Brant, Ph.D
Graduated: 2003
Associate Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering,
University of Wyoming

Dissertation: Assessing the Role of Hydrophobic/Hydration Forces on the Interaction of Colloidal Particles with Membrane Surfaces